Technology Continues to Thrive Despite Financial Uncertainty

Tricia Allen

January 21, 2024

CES starts this week and at Reticle, we are pumped to check out the latest and greatest in Technology, especially as it relates to marketing. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and this year, many of the themes we will see at CES are centered around human security and will explore the power of technology to revolutionize how people connect.

Technology is a big aspect of our economy, and tech brands contributed 9.3% to the country's GDP in 2021! As we kick off Q1 this year, we see predictions that tech brands will continue to spend despite the looming financial uncertainty. Click here to read more predictions with some key insights below: 

  • more than 21,000 brands spend nearly $12 billion on advertising, a 27% increase from 2021. 
  • 53% of that spend comes from the top technology brands, including Adobe, Alphabet, and Amazon. 
  • The top categories include Software, Consumer Electronics, and Telecomm Companies. 

2023 and the economy will put pressure on tech advertisers, but we still expect many to continue to spend significantly in advertising. 

Ensuring that tech brands continue to drive mental availability and attention is more important than ever but it’s not only critical for tech companies, it’s critical for ALL brands and there was no greater proof of that than during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Making advertising dollars work harder than ever should be the focus this year. Ensuring you are effectively utilizing precious media dollars to maximize sales results is what will help CFO’s sleep better at night and help avoid a year of constant budget cuts. 

CES will showcase many of the newest advances in technology particularly as it relates to marketing with a focus on AI, sustainability and creating and improving experiences with consumers. Part of creating experiences involves creating a connection and maintaining relevance. 

We are excited to share how our product can help tech companies and all marketers capture attention and have their ad seen by the people who are most likely to engage with them. Our award winning AI aligns the ad within emotionally congruent digital content and we can’t wait to share a sneak peak at our newest platform at CES this week in Las Vegas!

While 2023 may be a year of uncertainty, there are still results to deliver, and we are ready to get going and help you deliver emotion, connection and relevance while ultimately helping deliver results!!!!

Stay tuned for our thoughts and updates coming out of CES. 2023 is going to be a wild ride! If you can’t make CES and want to learn more about Reticle and get on our wait list for the new platform, reach out.

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