Looking for Oracle Alternatives? Meet Reticle’s Emotional Targeting Solution

Tricia Allen

July 3, 2024

Reticle offers emotion-based contextual targeting, enhancing impression quality, attention, and engagement without the use of personal data. Unlike traditional sentiment analysis, which focuses only on positive, negative, or neutral sentiments, Reticle delves deeper. It analyzes detailed page and video data, including text, metadata, object detection, and video content, to process and classify the emotions present in advertising inventory semantically.

Think of Reticle as your emotional media curator. It categorizes billions of URLs and videos into 19 distinct emotional categories, ensuring optimal placement for your brand's campaign. This advanced emotional media targeting allows you to align your message with specific emotions rather than general sentiments.

Recognizing that 90% of daily decisions are driven by emotions, whether conscious or subconscious, Reticle makes emotion the cornerstone of media targeting. This approach has been proven to enhance attention by 23% and improve return on ad spend (ROAS) by 23% compared to standard contextual targeting, making it a reliable choice for your campaigns.Reach out to Reticle directly for information on adding a Reticle targeting layer to your campaign to elevate your campaign and use emotion to connect with audiences and drive better outcomes!

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