Collision Conference Insights: AI, Marketing Challenges, and the Brand-Building Balancing Act

Jonah Cait

July 8, 2024

Coming away from the Collision Conference, I wanted to take a moment to reflect and share some key takeaways from our time spent with the many attendees that we had the chance to connect with. The conversations and presentations sparked some fascinating insights into the current state of marketing and technology.

AI: Beyond the Buzzword

At Collision, ‘AI’ was probably the most spoken word (if only an AI had been keeping transcripts of our conversations to count and know for sure!). However, it became clear that simply dropping "AI" into a pitch isn't enough anymore. The companies that truly stood out were those doing innovative work with AI, creating real value rather than just riding the hype train. It was refreshing to see genuine applications that pushed boundaries and solved real problems.

The Marketing Measurement Puzzle

A recurring theme in conversations with fellow marketers was the frustration with measuring media effectiveness. Many of us feel like we're dealing with a black box when it comes to popular platforms, and it's breeding a sense of distrust. There's a growing demand for more transparency and reliable ways to measure our efforts. It's evident that as an industry, we need to push for better solutions in this area.

Balancing Act: Short-Term Results vs. Long-Term Brand Building

An interesting dilemma many marketers are facing is the desire to invest more in branded media and long-term brand building, while struggling to shift away from the immediate gains of outcome-based investments. We've noticed that when media spending is paused, sales often slow down, highlighting the importance of consistent brand presence. But striking the right balance between short-term performance and long-term brand building remains a significant challenge.

Thinking Ahead

It was amazing to listen and learn from people spanning so many different backgrounds and domains. As I reflect on these conversations, there's so much potential for innovation, and the team at Reticle and I are excited and motivated by the challenges ahead.

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