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Powering Biddable Media with Emotional AI.

Trusted by amazing brands and companies, including:
Under Armour
Reticle AI Emotional Categories

Brand Optimal Media Buying

You’ve spent countless hours crafting the perfect brand and communications strategy – deliverables that deserve to be noticed. Our contextual targeting categories apply your insights and make your media dollars work harder.

Align the emotional intent of your ad with the contextual placements where audiences are most receptive to your messaging.
Why Reticle?


Leverage contextual categories that are customized to your brand and creative messaging strategy.


Working alongside brands and agencies, campaigns leveraging Reticle have won numerous industry awards.


Built on the emotional framework from the Most Innovative Insights Firm in North America — Hotspex Research.

Brand Optimal

Improve media placement quality with privacy-compliant, advanced contextual media targeting.
Our Team

Leading the charge

Josh Rosen, President of Hotspex Media
Josh Rosen
Jonah Cait, VP of Product at Hotspex Media
Jonah cait
VP, Product
Alexander Schure, SVP Ad Operations at Hotspex Media
Alexander Schure
SVP, Ad Operations
The best performing campaign I've seen in my 6+ years working here.
Account Lead
@ Google

Emotion Matters

Reticle vs. Alternative Targeting Strategies
Lift in brand awareness
Lift in brand consideration
Lift in brand perceptions

Reticle x Open market

Run programmatic campaigns against emotionally aligned inventory — configured within the DSP of your choosing.

Connected TV, Online Video, and Display Inventory
Page-Level + Video-Level Analysis
Self-Serve in Your Preferred DSP
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Reticle x YouTube

TrueView campaigns overlayed with custom Reticle EQ Categories. Available for Open Market and PG buys within Google Ads or DV360.

Buy Against Premium YouTube Channels
Open Auction or Programmatic Guaranteed
Self-Serve in DV360 or Google Ads
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Learn how emotional alignment improves media performance